CAPE Successfully Remediates Sediments at High-Stakes Site

CAPE Successfully Remediates Sediments at High-Stakes Site

For this federal project, CAPE implemented highly effective contaminant removal solutions via dredging near a critical infrastructure site. 

This project had years of innovative design, planning and the modeling and fabrication of a blast wall because of the high level of potential complications and explosive hazards in an active military harbor. CAPE performed dredging and disposal of sediments contaminated with PCBs and munitions, and subaqueous in-situ treatment of contaminated sediments. A highly orchestrated and complex sequencing of steps were required to remove the contaminated sediments, pump them safely, and finally ensure their safe disposal. 

This complex project required the involvement of approximately 60 CAPE staff for planning, onsite management, field crews, and myriad support efforts throughout the project to ensure safety and success. There were weeks of trial and error to achieve the planned results. Throughout the process, our team at CAPE stayed in constant communication with our client regarding work procedures and updates to sequencing. 

CAPE’s COO Chris Karg reflected, “This project team banded together to meet a deadline that was of immense importance to national security, involved a myriad of high-level stakeholders, and executed the work SAFELY.”  

Karg continued with, “The effort on this project exemplifies our Vision: Outstanding People Working Together to Deliver Outstanding Results!”

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