Groundwater Treatment Plant Rebuilt and Restored

Groundwater Treatment Plant Rebuilt and Restored

CAPE Remediates, Rebuilds, and Restores Groundwater Treatment Plant at Former Air Force Base

Broadly, CAPE is conducting comprehensive remediation services over a 9-year period in an effort to transfer three former Air Force Bases into public/private developments in California.

On one of the projects in this program, the CAPE team is designing and constructing a new groundwater treatment plant, as well as relocating a CERCLA Plant that processes leachate from a CERCLA landfill. 

Throughout the project, CAPE performed a wide range of services prior to decommissioning and demolition of the existing groundwater treatment plant, including site remediation, engineering evaluation, new groundwater treatment plant design and relocation, contaminated soil excavation and disposal, landfill monitoring including aerial topographic surveys and landfill gas monitoring, a base-wide evaluation of emerging contaminant trichloropropane, supplemental site investigation, and monitoring well installation.

This highly orchestrated and complex sequencing of steps were required for full remediation of the two contaminated sites and its complete site restoration and modernization. We’re so proud of team CAPE for another successful remediation project that paves the way for a bright future for the local community. 

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