CAPE Brings PFAS Remediation Expertise for Ongoing Project at Former AFB

CAPE Brings PFAS Remediation Expertise for Ongoing Project at Former AFB

Since 2016, CAPE has partnered with the Air Force to address persistent groundwater contamination at a former base in Northern California. This site presents a complex environmental challenge due to the legacy solvents released during historic military activities, and the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a class of contaminants of significant, emerging concern.

CAPE brings specialized expertise in PFAS remediation, including retrofitting and upgrading existing pump and treatment systems to address PFAS in groundwater. Our approach employs a suite of conventional and novel adsorptive media to effectively concentrate and separate PFAS from groundwater. At this site, our team focuses on the monitoring, operation, and maintenance of three large-scale onsite granular activated carbon (GAC) systems, efficiently facilitating GAC change-outs and managing waste from spent GAC. Through internally funded research, we are pilot-testing technologies to enhance the performance and lifespan of GAC system and comparing the performance of other adsorptive media in removing PFAS from groundwater. Additionally, CAPE conducts quarterly groundwater monitoring and sampling of 475 onsite monitoring wells to assess the performance of the remedial systems in treating the co-mingled groundwater plumes.

CAPE's efforts enhance operational efficiencies at this site, ensure compliance with EPA and state regulations, and effectively contain and manage the co-mingled contaminant plume. As the regulatory environment evolves, CAPE is well-positioned to augment systems to meet the new regulatory protections.

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