researcher and people at business meetingWhen you deliver quality, everything else falls into place—customer satisfaction, sales growth, profitability. That’s why every member of CAPE, from our leadership down to our staff is dedicated to performance excellence. All CAPE employees are trained and empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure we deliver quality with every job.

Here’s a sampling of the training programs and management systems we’ve instituted to make quality everyone’s job:

    • ISO 9001-based systems & processes
    • Certified quality control management
    • Submittal process providing electronic review and approval
    • Comprehensive inspection & testing

At CAPE, we challenge ourselves, each other and our partners to pay attention to the details, do the job right the first time, and make sure we’re building quality into every project we undertake.

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"I have been in the construction business for over 25 years. Very few times in the past have I found the craftsmanship, conduct, and quality of work from such a fine crew."
— Tenant of a Formerly Used Defense Site

"It’s this quality of work that puts your company ahead of the ones that may say ‘good enough for government work.’ Not good enough for CAPE was the answer."
— Environmental Compliance and Contract Inspector, U.S. Air Force

"The project team worked seamlessly with regulators NAVFAC Atlantic, subcontractors, and regulators to provide the Navy with the highest quality technical support and recommendations. CAPE’s technical knowledge, project planning, and responsiveness has had a significant positive impact on moving this site toward closure."
— Program Manager, U.S. Navy

"Your commitment to providing a top notch service and first-class quality is keeping part with CAPE’s dedication to your work ethic. Please pass my many thanks to the remainder of the crew and look forward to our next job!"
— Project Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"The safety and environmental submittals were high quality and were kept as samples for other contractors as good generic examples by the respective Government departments."
— Project Manager, U.S. Navy