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Facilities Construction & Renovation
Infrastructure & Utilities Construction

CAPE’s construction services include renovation of existing facilities, construction of new facilities, or constructing/upgrading infrastructure (utilities, paving, site work). Since we self-perform our work, we’re able to take full control of safety and quality.

CAPE’s specialized expertise includes:

  • Design/Build/Operate
  • Vertical construction
  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Incidental work associated with facilities projects including asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, ordnance, heavy metals, and other hazardous wastes
  • Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)
  • Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM)
  • Construction operations in austere and high-hazard security areas
  • Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection
  • Specialized Expertise (Infrastructure and Utilities Construction)
  • Civil construction/site work
  • Paving
  • Electrical generation and distribution facilities
  • Stormwater and erosion control
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants

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"CAPE took a challenging technical requirement, provided an innovative engineering-design solution, self-performed quality construction services, and made the whole process appear very routine."
— Team Chief, U.S. Air Force