Mission, Vision & Values

Integrity, Safety, Quality, Client Satisfaction

mission, vision photosFocusing on these core beliefs has delivered an enviable record of growth and profitability, both for CAPE and our clients.

It’s a mission we take very seriously and one that we all practice without fail, every day on the job.

CAPE Mission

Deliver Construction, Environmental and Fuel Systems Solutions with integrity, safety, quality and profitability to ensure the success of our clients, our staff and our company.

CAPE Vision

Nationally recognized as a leader in our markets.

CAPE Values

Integrity and Accountability – Above all else, every member of our company is trustworthy, taking responsibility for their actions and expecting the same in return. That means CAPE clients can rest assured, that no matter what crops up, they can trust CAPE to make sure that the end result meets or exceeds their expectations.

Outstanding Financial Results – When you work hard and deliver exceptional value, you reap the rewards. We have the good fortune to have realized steady growth and have contributed to outstanding financial returns for our clients, as well.

Exceptional Safety and Quality Performance – We’re in a high-risk business, and one in which our people and end product are our greatest asset. Therefore, we’ve instituted stringent management controls to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety are attained every day.

Strong Client Relationships – By building value into every project, being totally reliable, trustworthy, and accountable, CAPE nurtures personal connections based on outstanding results.

Effective Processes – Consistent quality, safety, and performance excellence come easy when the entire organization understands and follows efficient workflow standards.

Open, Honest, Timely and Respectful Communication- Mission-critical projects require trust and understanding. Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful projects, and a value CAPE practices daily.

Appreciation, Recognition and Opportunities for our Staff - CAPE’s success is founded on the quality and hard work of every member of our team. Every person is valued for the contribution they make today and is encouraged to unleash their fullest personal potential.

Staff Health and Well – Being – The rigors of CAPE’s day-to-day operations require that every member of our team is in top-notch physical and mental condition. We’ve designed our operations to make sure that they are, whether working in the U.S. or overseas.

Celebration of our Successes – As an employee-owned company whose prosperity depends on the quality of our people, CAPE’s success is the sum of all our efforts and is honored as such.